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My upgraded 440PRO review
(23-Nov-2016, 00:15)BrianT Wrote:
(22-Nov-2016, 14:10)JohnnySix Wrote:
(21-Nov-2016, 00:12)BrianT Wrote: So for fun, we hooked up his DAC (that cost several thousands of dollars) to the line in bypassing the DAC in the Devialet.

Not sure how tech-aware you are about the Devialet, but note that nothing bypasses its DAC. Even the LINE input is chopped up into numbers first, so you never get to hear the purest analogue output quality of your source... unless you believe the ADC/DAC conversion is as transparent as some say.

Do correct me if I've missed some key change with the Pro Models!


That could be correct that Devialet convert an analogue single to a digital signal and then back to an analogue signal before
the amp section. I know the phono input does it this way, but I thought the analogue input did not.

Can anybody else comment on this?

Everything gets converted to digital.
Air 3, Rega P9 with Dynavector XX2Mk2 > 440 Pro > Sonus Faber Guarneri Evolution

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