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German comparison of D250 Pro and D400 versus some other brands
(30-Nov-2016, 20:33)yabaVR Wrote: It's sad, but I think the D's belong to the most underestimated amps on the market due to not being engaged the right way. I really think the D's are a 'Diva' if not treated right it gets p... off and won't perform like it could.

I don't Devialet 'treatment' requirements are different from any other amp. They all sound better warmed up .
Hello, it is called "Analog Forum". The trend is "ANALOG" in the name. They can test the tube amplifiers (circuit concepts from the years 1930 etc.) and other analog devices. Digital is not just their profession, so a pity about the paper and the time. Since I have some analogis in the circle of acquaintances, I know what I'm talking about!
Bullshit, sorry my opinion Angel
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