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Does anyone have experience with the Synergistic Powercell 12?
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SYSTEM 2: Antipodes DX Roon Server// Roon Air // Devialet 220//German Physiks Unlimited II//German Physiks Speaker Cables
(04-Dec-2016, 15:50)AaronG Wrote:

I am also interested in feedback on the Synergistic powercell with Devialet. When I auditioned Devialet amps the dealer was advocating any decent power conditioner unit would benefit  these amps, specifically recommending the line they carried, ISOTEX. Isotex has some interesting products, including the power generation units, which are similar to the PS Audio unit (but supposedly better implementation by Isotex).

The nice thing with the Devialet system is that you do not need so many power outlets. A 12 slot Synergistic unit is likely too many outlets for what I hope to be a simple Devialet + Sonare MicroRendu + Speakers system.
I have used the Synergistic Power Cell 10 SE version 2 for many years before getting my D800. But after getting my D800, I found that it has very little improvement on SQ so I got rid of it. I think the D800 is such as amazing product that it is hard to compare and needs very little extra cables or power conditioning to make it better. However, I do keep all the active cabling system from Synergistic research. These cables add, expand the sound stage just a bit. I can live without these cables but I don't have the need to experiment with other cables. I am very happy with what I have and learning to enjoy the beautiful music. So I am keeping these cables.

My experienced dealer does not suggest any power conditioner for the Devialet, he says it reduces dynamics. I tend to agree.

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