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440 master standby and companion off ??
When my 440 upgrade came back the companion would turn the display off, but after a few confit updates to get it back to how I like it the companion stays dimmed

Just a thought but it could depend on if you are using inputs on the companion?
Good news - 

But first a reply to Axel ragarding a picture. The units are at the moment placed beside eachother on a bench, and not on the wall. The wallmounts missed some fittings, and I'm awaiting these from Devialet via the dealer at the moment, before I can mount them. When they are up a picture will come Wink

I noticed, that when the units were booting, the companion showed SAM, but not the speakername, and when I toggled through the sources via the remote, the companion turned off, when the active source on the companion were selected

I have reinstalled the 10.0.5 firmware at both units, and then reloaded the profiles, and now all is fine. The companion are dimmed (and not switched off) in standby as the Master, and the speakername is displayed, when SAM is booting. The companion no more switch off, when its source is selcted.

I may admit, I have changed one thing in the profiles, and that is that the optical input (3,5 mm toslink) above the triggercable on the Master is no longer active. I find it hard to believe, that this was the cause, but I will invistigate it at a later point.

Best wishes; Jens
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