Poll: Would you benefit from an updated remote control app for the Devialet Expert
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This would significantly improve my enjoyment of the amplifier
45 53.57%
This would offer a modest improvement in the enjoyment of my amplifier
21 25.00%
This would offer a very small improvement of the enjoyment of my amplifier
10 11.90%
This would make zero difference to the enjoyment of my amplifier
8 9.52%
Total 84 vote(s) 100%
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Would you benefit form an updated iPhone / Android Remote App for the Expert range
Everybody's different I guess or has different habits. I'm an active listener which means I sit/lay comfortably on my couch and don't do anything while listening to music through my main system except some occasional browsing or learning/reading about the music/artist I'm listening to (all on my iPad). So for not having to pick up a remote to be able to properly press up or down buttons or look at a screen to see what I'm doing the D remote is ideal as it lays next to me on the couch and I can control the volume without looking or doing anything else but spin the wheel.

Lifestyle? Neh..I wouldn't care if it looked ugly and wasn't as heavy as it is. It's the big wheel and faultless RF wireless (vs IR) that does it.
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(25-Jan-2017, 00:22)blair.athol Wrote:
(24-Jan-2017, 23:53)Will Wrote: I use both the app and the remote - but mostly the app.  The app could do a lot, lot more than it does and I would say it is a bit of an embarrassment when compared with the superb engineering of the Devialet itself.  

I was never much taken with the remote - and notwithstanding some of the other comments - I saw it as a bit of a "lifestyle" object, part of the "packaging" rather than a serious piece of kit.  I remember when I first wandered into the hifi shop where I ended up buying a Devialet, the first thing the salesman did was to hand me the remote.  I suppose it is meant to convey "solidity" and "styling".

Hi Will, sorry for you that you never experienced to feel the sound by using the remote ...
Perhaps I am of an unpoetic nature.  I do "feel" the sound in the room coming from my loudspeakers. I haven't yet been able to feel the sound through the remote.  Big Grin
I suppose that if Devialet could add some functionality to the app that would be a benefit, to those that use it frequently. I don't use the iPhone app much. I have occasionally used it to turn the amp on, and sometimes I fire it up to check the volume setting, and very occasionally, I use it to change inputs. But it is not a big part of my listening.

I do wish that it would dig deeper into iTunes; it only seems to find 'Playlists' for me, and even that list is empty. It could also be a setting elsewhere that I have to change to make the 'My Music' source more useful.

Just to follow everyone else off-topic, I really like the physical remote. So few buttons and such a wide range of controls. It is much better than any other remote I've used; most of the others are covered with a million buttons, tiny print and can't be usefully operated without searching the manual.
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If you could adjust some key settings like bass and treble, and SAM that would be nice. Also if it were a 'proper' app for iPad.

Its a shame as it looks so nice and works well at what it does right now, but why stop there and stop developing it? Even small companies with apps given for free and making no profit from them update the app at least now and again.

Mostly now I'm using software EQ that I can control via remote anyway, so am using the D remote app less and mainly just for volume. And I dont use SAM anymore. But it would still be great to behave the functions.

I know this poll was started in the hope Devialet read here, and we know they do. Sadly, hoping that they will actually listen is pretty optimistic in my view, and therefore this poll (or any polls, feature requests, moans, sensible suggestions etc etc) is of little use other than gauging opinion.

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