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Dynavector 20x2 (high output or low?)
Any views on if the high or low output 20x2 is a better match for the Devialet phono stage? I've only used high output mc and mm carts in the past on my 120 so not sure how the Devialet stage fares with low output mc carts or if anyone has ever done a side by side comparison.

I'm using a Dynavector 17D3, a low output MC, it's working fine.
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I have 20X2L and works fine. Actually with Pro it works so good that I'm gonna sell my RIAA.
I have ortofon cadenza Black low output and transformer from ortofon works Wery Well
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I'd be inclined to go for the high output model. Some members have reported high levels of hiss with MC cartridges with outputs of less than 0.5 mV. As always, an audition is recommended.
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As a very crude approximation, set your config file to the parameters for the Dynavector LOMC then compare the hiss on the phono , using your speakers from your usual seat at a volume of something like -25dB, with the line at the same volume. Don't play anything, just toggle between line and phono.Any difference/ hiss you can hear on the phono should tell you if you can live with the additional noise.
Are there any reported sound quality differences between the two models? I'm guessing the low is supposed to sound better.

They would both work fine into a 200's phono stage, but the low might hiss slightly more than you would like. I've forgotten if there is a difference between the 120 and 200 phono stage.

The high output version should be silent.
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