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Airplay dropouts phantom Gold
Hi everyone

I purchased 2 gold phantoms to play in stereo mode and the latest dialog box, now with the latest firware/ software to be able to use Airplay.

My 2 phantoms are about 4 metres apart and mydialog/ airport extreme which I use for wireless is about 3 metres away from the phantoms. No wall seperating the phantom/ wifi.
(The phantoms are connected to 2 different electrical outlets)

When I play music via Spark: Tidal HIFI and even spotify connect via spotify app on my phone, the audio is great and no problems.

When I play via Airplay (Apple music, tidal or spotify using airplay from my iphone) I have constant audio dropouts between the left and right speaker. This happens especially as I raise and lower the volume. Then it stabilises a bit but starts to dropout between the left and right speaker sometimes. The left speaker stops working for 1 second, as the right one keeps working, and then the right one stops working, as the left on plays on for like 1 second, and vice versa, a few times a minute. It sometimes plays ok for a few minutes in a row and then the dropouts start again.

I also have an apple tv connected to my tv (in same room) and when I stream airplay music to that system, no dropouts happen.

Just wondering if anyone else has the same problem?

I have tried resetting the phantom, my wifi system, but no luck.

Just wondering how everyone elses airplay experience has been.

Hi Daniel, I have a pair of silver and latest dialog. I have no problem of airplaying Tidal from my ipad. But when I airplay from Apple TV, after one or two of movie, it starts dropping out.

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