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Devialet predictions for 2017 (The Devialet Almanac 2017)
I have a friend who works in Devialet Paris. I asked him before purchasing two new Golds if I should wait, he told me it to go ahead because what they're working on won't come out before at least one year.

What to expect:
1- New cheaper 'mass-market friendly' speaker
2- New phantom
A bit late, but it's now time for the Q3 update. Again, much excitement, because something has actually happened. Devialet have announced and started their 'Gold my Phantom' upgrade scheme. Another surprise from Devialet, and yet again something that appeared from nowhere, no rumours, no speculation, and indeed something that nobody predicted. Perhaps it is surprising that nobody predicted this one, after all, we all know Devialet like a nice upgrade scheme, so why not something for the Phantom? But nobody did, and it demonstrates yet again that trying to predict or second guess what Devialet are doing is very difficult, the best plan really is to just ignore everything and just see what actually happens.

So who is in line to take the crown at the end of the for being the best predictor of things Devialet? As it stands we have an honourable mention for mdconnelly for stating '-- Roon-ready! ... and it works!', which is in part true if you count Roon AIR, and if Roon AIR actually works in your system. We also have Hifi_swlon, who stated 'Other than perhaps Foxconn gearing up for the first production run of 750,000 Devialet "Le Soundbar Pro's', but he did post this in March, so this does not fully qualify within the rules as a 'new year' prediction. In other words, we are all hopeless at Devialet predictions. Or are we? The year is not over yet, something may yet happen in Q4...... Finally some real details of the Devialet OS Core Intelligence streamer board perhaps, and maybe something else totally unexpected?
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