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Devialet predictions for 2017 (The Devialet Almanac 2017)
I have a friend who works in Devialet Paris. I asked him before purchasing two new Golds if I should wait, he told me it to go ahead because what they're working on won't come out before at least one year.

What to expect:
1- New cheaper 'mass-market friendly' speaker
2- New phantom
A bit late, but it's now time for the Q3 update. Again, much excitement, because something has actually happened. Devialet have announced and started their 'Gold my Phantom' upgrade scheme. Another surprise from Devialet, and yet again something that appeared from nowhere, no rumours, no speculation, and indeed something that nobody predicted. Perhaps it is surprising that nobody predicted this one, after all, we all know Devialet like a nice upgrade scheme, so why not something for the Phantom? But nobody did, and it demonstrates yet again that trying to predict or second guess what Devialet are doing is very difficult, the best plan really is to just ignore everything and just see what actually happens.

So who is in line to take the crown at the end of the for being the best predictor of things Devialet? As it stands we have an honourable mention for mdconnelly for stating '-- Roon-ready! ... and it works!', which is in part true if you count Roon AIR, and if Roon AIR actually works in your system. We also have Hifi_swlon, who stated 'Other than perhaps Foxconn gearing up for the first production run of 750,000 Devialet "Le Soundbar Pro's', but he did post this in March, so this does not fully qualify within the rules as a 'new year' prediction. In other words, we are all hopeless at Devialet predictions. Or are we? The year is not over yet, something may yet happen in Q4...... Finally some real details of the Devialet OS Core Intelligence streamer board perhaps, and maybe something else totally unexpected?
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Aurelius deal: 2 out of my 3 predictions for 2017: bingo. Still waiting for expert pro 5.1 solution. Phantom together with expert pro...
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Source 1: Clearaudio (Synchro+Champion levelII+TT3 tangential tonearm+CM Bearing+Outer Limit+StradivariV2) connected in a balanced way on Devialet220 PRO CI, 520uV, 460 ohms
Source 2: Oppo 105D (Darbee 45%)
Source 3: Roon, Asus i7 16GbRAM W10-1709, Vodafone 500 MB/s, Roon (1220 recorded records in 192kHz), WD 2 TB (3x)
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Picture: BenQW2000 (Calibrated), Projecta Electrol 300x173 (122 Inch), LG Oled 4K

I've just noticed, 2017 has ended!

So we can now declare the winner, the person who most accurately predicted three things that would occur in the Devialet world. So what has changed since the Q3 update? The main thing is that the CI Board upgrade is in progress and a number of users have now have it and tried it themselves. This takes me to two of my own predictions:

1. The new Pro streamer board will prove to be a little disappointing with respect to sound quality, with a debate as to if it sounds better than AIR or not.
2. The new Pro streamer board will not be 'Roon Ready'.

I could argue that these points have both proved to be correct, but to be honest both points are debatable, and to declare victory with this would be a little lame.

I also predicted:

3. A Renault road car with a Devialet ADH powered 'in car entertainment system' will be announced.

This almost happened as well with the Renault Symbioz, but again, far too tenuous and debatable for me to claim as a correct prediction.

This takes us to @Peter van der Laarse who in post #44 states "Aurelius deal: 2 out of my 3 predictions for 2017: bingo. " I checked back through Peter's original predictions, and if I am honest I struggled to rationalise that what we have is two accurate predictions. Maybe I am just not smart enough to understand exactly what Peter was saying in his original predictions, but this is no reason to say Peter is wrong. So on this basis, Peter is the winner, maybe. I presume Peter is smart enough to understand his own predictions, so if he thinks he is the winner, then clearly he is the winner.

Arguably the winner should be @Cylob who made just one prediction "Streamer board disaster! ". Some might think that is a 100% prediction success.

I would also give an honorable mention to @thumb5 with his predictions in #13, although he did cheat and come up with 6 predictions when the challenge was set to provide 3.

In terms of someone accurately predicting 3 things, I believe we have all failed.

I return to my mantra, if the is one thing predictable about Devialet it that they are hard to predict.

Here's to a tuneful 2018!
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(07-Jan-2018, 16:12)Confused Wrote: Arguably the winner should be @Cylob who made just one prediction "Streamer board disaster! ".  Some might think that is a 100% prediction success.

Haha, cheers!  Blush 
I vote for you and the Renault.
Mine was just too easy...
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