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Best power cord for Devialet
(18-Jul-2017, 17:07)Celts88 Wrote:
(18-Jul-2017, 16:57)BoyScout Wrote:
(18-Jul-2017, 15:59)Celts88 Wrote: BoyScout

Used the contact form on the Graditech website and they've just got back to me with the standard 2017 Price List 480€ for Voima 1 (1m length).

Possibly the promotion has finished, but where did you see they were having factory discount at 400€ for Voima 1 as this would be a 20% on the standard price (I would need 2 so any help with the cost would help).

I see, John,

Maybe they finished the promotion, i guess. I saw it at 420€ or so.
It´s a bit expensive if you need two, i understand, but give me a few hours, i´ve time today and i´ll check some channels to find something for a good price, used or demo.
I f i´ll find something i´ll let you know.


Yes, appears as though the promotion may have ended.

It may seem that I'm being a bit tight with my money regarding the power cords (Voima 1 are a lot cheaper than lots of other PC's), but I got laid off end of March and money is a bit tighter than before (certainly can't afford a pair of Voima 2's).

Appreciate your offer to help.


If I don't reply to you later it's because I'm off to bed now, seeing as it's midnight here in Oz  Sleepy

Good morning John,

You know what? Those cables must be something, because i search for the (a lot) and it seems impossible to find one available to buy.
I saw ads to sell from 2014, all expired. I´m sorry.
But remains one doubt to me: is it worthwile changing the custom cable from devialet? Did you hear the difference?
I hope you´ll find awhat you want.

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