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Expert pro temperatures
The units also run hotter in bypass mode.
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My 250 pro is still getting hot. With dpm off, sam on and higher volumes (-10db). the a-amp rises over 70 degrees. The room is about 21 degrees. With sam off the temp. falls to 62 degrees. That are 15 degrees more than my D-Premier (no Sam). I think, that's to much for a longer lifetime.
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220 Expert pro: Quite warm in the room today. 3 hours of listening @ -31 db, 1 hour @ -26 db. See pic!

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Devialet Expert 220 pro (Upgrade from LE 120), SAM on (100%), DPM off
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My 1000 Pro after today's session.
It's getting hot in here.

[Image: 3ae8c54689bd00f28ce87cbfa0249060.jpg]
Hmm i believe the hottest i have seen my amp was about 50 c for the power supply when the ambient temperature was around 30 degrees or so. Normally it's way below that. No i am seldom playing louder then -5, this probably helps...
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