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Qobuz / Tidal / iTunes
Dear all,

I'm now using multiple streaming services: iTunes (family pack, mainly for my 8yr daughter to stream on her iPod :-) ), Tidal and now on trial Quobuz... iTunes and Tidal is now about 35 Euro / months, when I would continue with Quobuz it will go to 55 Euro a month. Next to this Quobuz is also offering 'sublime' subscription with 24 bit Hi-Res streaming.... will this work with OSX / Air? will I benefit form this in SQ?

I started with Tidal in combination with Roon but experienced a lot of problems and was not happy with the overall SQ. I prefer Audirvana so will not renew my subscription. Audirvana opens the opportunity to get Quobuz on board...

I think Quobuz is a bit better in SQ over Tidal and Tidal better than iTunes... however Tidal (and iTunes) offers a more diverse / complete library. So what would you do? I was thinking:

- Get for my 8 year old a Spotify free subscription?
- Get rid of iTunes (I'm only using Audirvana)
- Get rid of Tidal and move to Quobuz Sublime?

Lot's of questions, how are you all doing this, multiple streaming services?

Let me know (maybe we can do a poll on best streaming service vs player)
Qobuz sublime, on an annual subscription, costs around 220 Euros. You only get higher than CD quality streaming for those high resolution digital files you have purchased (at a considerable discount for most labels). Qobuz has to be the first choice of classical music fans - which I am. I also currently subscribe to Tidal, purely because the streaming is more reliable than Qobuz given my poor quality broadband connection. I will probably discontinue my Tidal subscription when the broadband is improved.

On principle, I refuse to have anything to do with Apple Music as Apple has resolutely set their face against providing high resolution music or even providing the software and hardware that can fully deal with it. The latest example is their non adoption of later versions of Bluetooth in the current iPhone models, which is now standard in nearly every other mobile device on the market. I was once an iTunes/iPhone user expecting at some time they would upgrade their audio - it appears they have no plans to do so. Why should people, for whom high quality music is important, continue to give business to this company!
I got rid of Apple music when they started to 'check' the songs I had on my hard drive and continuously stopped playing. I replaced it with Pandora which my wife absolutely loves. I pay the 5 buck/month so we don't have ads and this way it also stops asking you whether you're still listening or not. pandora doesn't give you the option to play exactly what you want but that's coming soon. For now, just entering an artists name and seeing what comes out of pandora's box has been good fun.

I've tried free Spotify and don't like the interface. Most likely your 8 year old won't have a problem with that. They grow up with that stuff.

I use Tidal for 'proper' streaming. Quobuz isn't in Australia yet.
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(03-Jan-2017, 11:31)Xander Wrote: So what would you do? I was thinking:

Guess it depends what devices you're playing to, source player, mobile needs, etc..

I use Roon so am stuck with Tidal 'hifi' sadly. Its OK, but it is missing some things Ive searched that I know are on Tidal. The worst part is its obsession with trying to force Rap and HipHop down my throat all the time, especially on their App which I have to use when mobile or not at home. That aside it seems good value all in all - you certainly have an easy way of deciding what you like enough to buy (i.e. if Im still playing it a few months later).

I wish Qobuz would play ball with Roon, or Roon would find a way to add more services easily, but for now I've made my peace with Tidal - the seamless integration of a streaming service with my own library is what I was searching for for years, so I'm not complaining.

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