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vote Magico M3 for SAM?
Thinking about it, for speakers that price, you could probably have negotiated with the seller that they get them to Devialet and SAM them before you handed over your cash.....

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 >>> Here’s waiting for October (or November, or December.... ). <<<
 >>> Now I’m just wondering if the Core Infinity and supporting software will ever work flawlessly. 2018 sometime...?! <<<
- London, UK -

Well, it is an effort to get 400 pound speakers from San Francisco to Paris...

But if Devialet wants to bring the SAM Lab to my house, that works for me. :-)
Devialet 1000 Pro, Magico M3, Nordost Frey speaker cable, PS Audio P3 Power Plant, Mac Mini running ROON.
Vote placed. Curious how SAM influences the SQ. Perhaps I could borrow them for a day or two?  Tongue
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