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Sound of Piano
(27-Jan-2017, 03:24)mac Wrote: I do listen to piano especially Chopin.

I completly agree with you and it is the only time I have been disapointed by my pair of silver.

I believe Gold will be better. At least for me, after about 100 hours of break-in, my Gold now sounds a bit more rounded and enjoyable for classical piano.

However, compared to another system I have (B&W 686 S2 and Sonos CONNECT:AMP) that costs only slightly more than $1000 for stereo, Phantom Gold still isn't audibly better at piano.
I did not like piano too much with my Silver.

But I do like piano a lot with my Gold.
LGlwreetings Everyone!

This is my first post and perhaps my third visit to this site which so far looks engaging. We have yet to receive our new phantoms so I am not yet able to speak authoritatively,  but this threat interests me for two key reasons.  First, I had decided years ago that is was better to invest in a player piano rather than invest in audio equipment if I wanted to capture the live performance in my home so given a choice between a 20k dollar audio system or a 20k dollar player piano, I would go with the piano.  Second, in thinking about songs I was going to first play, I thought of "Kara Remembers" as  by Joohyun Park and Bear McCreary along with other similar songs.  I don't expect that it would sound equal to a live performance but I dont think it will disappoint either, I won't rule out that possibility either. Time will tell.



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