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For international, (all not in EU) upgrade shipments
Very, very kind comments from you; thanks so much. It is so nice to hear that I was able to describe the sound in a way that you recognized and responded to. And I hope that you too are thrilled with the upgrade.

The idea of 'roundness' of a note still makes sense to me. It is being able to hear 'all around the note'. The way it starts, and the sound of it stopping. It is not just a technical thing that the amp does. It is about letting me see, so to speak, the note being played.

The UPS saga is familiar to many of us, I think. I made the same telephone calls you did, answering the same questions. My UPS tracking showed my amp literally going back and forth between Seattle and New Brunswick and Richmond- the amp has more AirMiles that I do.

I will PM regarding speakers. It is such a wide playing field. And you have access to some good dealers in the Okanagan. I am certainly a fan of the Lawrence Audio, and I have some modest familiarity with the Totems as well.

Sonos, VPI HW19 mkIII, D220 Pro, Lawrence Audio Violin SE, Analysis Plus Oval 9 speaker cable
Vancouver, Canada
That's great news. You are lucky! Big Grin
Customs training
(09-Jan-2017, 22:30)boba2013 Wrote: Hi all, Happy New Year!!

I was contacted by UPS here in Canada that my 250 Pro had landed and was in Customs. 

First, elated that I would soon have my baby back, I was told by UPS they would handle the duties and taxes to clear and I would owe upon receipt. I am wondering if others were charged a percentage of the upgrade fee for Canada Goods and Services tax, (GST) and/or dutiies on the upgrade.

I see on the invoice that came with the return, that 3,490 Euro's was the upgrade price which was made up of 2,908.33 for the upgrade and 581.67 for France 20% VAT tax, (strange that they would pay that since it is an international shipment).

Thanks in advance.

250 Pro sits in it's rightful place now and the concerns about having to pay extra duties and brokerage to UPS for the return of the upgraded unit were not founded.

Turned out, Devialet covered all those costs and made the process very customer friendly. Quite professional of them!

Oh, and the upgrade? Worth every penny! Absolutely thrilled with the sound. On my system, I am getting exactly what I have ever wanted in my stereo and more. 

Thanks Devialet!
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Hi Bob,

Excellent to hear that your Pro is back on the rack. It seems that the question of duties and brokerage fees have been covered consistently as part of the upgrade. I'm also pleased (but not surprised) hear that you are thrilled with the sound of the upgrade. I've had mine back for about six weeks, and I still notice the improvement, and I love it even more. So as you say, 'Worth every penny? Absolutely!'

My only concern is that when my wife gets into the mood, you may hear the thing from your house... And the neighbours think I'm the noisy one.....
Sonos, VPI HW19 mkIII, D220 Pro, Lawrence Audio Violin SE, Analysis Plus Oval 9 speaker cable
Vancouver, Canada

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