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Webradios Update
@MountainGuy. It is not a matter of more/less radiostations.
I used to select my radiostations first on quality (flac, 320kbps etc), second on kind of music.
The Devialet choice of servers/providers (driven by reduce of costs ?) does not cover my choices anymore.
Like I said before, I can not input radiostations URL's (how simple and user-friendly could it be...) so I have to use a frond-end device (in my case a Simple Audio device/software) to select my choices.
I do not need/or want Devialet to do that for me !

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The sound quality after the update is reduced to a point where the web radio is unlistenable. My favorite station, NRK P2, was ok before the update, now it sounds like an over compressed mp3 with continuous phase shifting. I'm really disappointed. To get proper sound I have to use a Chromecast Audio and a third party application. I've reported the problem to Devialet support, and I hope the rest of you guys do the same if you experience sound quality issues.

Edit: I've listened to a few other radio stations and it seems like only NRK P2 is affected. The other NRK stations sounds OK.
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I have lost my favourite - Radio Paradise (USA station) Sad
(13-Jan-2017, 11:33)Jamington2004 Wrote: I have lost my favourite - Radio Paradise (USA station) Sad

That's a case for suicide I think

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No that bad - just a bit of self harm.
I have my own playlists, but when I listen to Webradio I often switch to RMC2, a Lounge & Electronica station from Italy I can recommend (give it a try if you are interested in that genre). I have the feeling the quality improved and the song information in Spark is now in sync.

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