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Does Radio no longer work if one does not update software/firmware?
Just went to play my radio stations after a month of not using the Radio. 

Did it 'die'?  I see it in Spark but cannot select it.  Must I update the software for the radio to work?  I have not done so due to reports of radio stations missing after update. 

In the announcement I received from Devialet they wrote that due to quality issues they are changing the radios provider. So I guess that after that change (now) the channels of the old provider cannot anymore been reached with Spark. You will have to update Spark to be able to reach the new provider, e.i. to be able to use radios. This comes along with loosing your favorites radio list. Some of the channels you might find with the new provider, some others not. In my case I lost quite a few ones and try now to find replacements. Maybe I will find channels I like that I could not find with the old provider.

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