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Keroubim's system
Hello all!

first post here on Devialet Chat!

I have been lurking here for many years, reading with amazement all the great info that is being shared, rejoicing with all of you who posted how happy you were with your Devialet, and feeling your pain and frustration at times with software, hardware and customer care issues. 

I was ready to fork in the money some years ago for a D170 but finally decided to capitalise on my Weiss DAC2 instead and bought an Accustic Arts Power 1 to match it.
This was/is feeding a pair of Spendor S8e. 

A couple of months ago I had a severe rash of upgraditis and decided that the first step should be changing the speakers. 

Alas Wink I ran into an opportunity to buy a used D120 from someone on the forum. (Thanks Michael!).
This was promptly upgraded and I now have a D220Pro sitting alongside the Weiss/Accustic Arts couple.

I will proceed to comparing both options and will retain the best of the two. (How's that for a suspense!)

I am still on the path to speaker upgrade. I will have a loaner pair of Focal Sopra2 for a few days later this month. 
Other options were B&W 804D3, which I did not really fancy. I also auditioned Sonus Faber Olympica II.
However I like the sound on the analytical side and I could probably fall with the Sopra if they are a match to my room. 

I look forward to exchanging and contributing on Devialet Chat.
Will update my signature shortly.


RoonAir -> D220Pro -> Sonus Faber Olympica III
Nice one, and welcome...
I moved from a Naim/Weiss/Sonus Faber system to the Dev-250 (now Pro). 5 boxes were replaced by 1. It has taken me about a year to decide of the winner (from memory now, as I sold my previous kit), but there may not be one. Both systems had pros and cons. Simplicity was what pulled me over, plus, I made enough cash from the trade (all boxes + cables) to finance a big speaker upgrade ;-)
Mac Mini + Amarra Hifi  |  Naim CD5X[Transport]    Devialet 250Pro    Boenicke W8 SE+ (Nordost Frey Sp.Cables)

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