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Terms and Conditions
In this forum, you can advertise items you would like to sell. Only members who have had 25 posts or more can post in this section (this limit may change in the future). All transactions must occur offline. Questions and clarifications can be asked in the forum but the actual transaction must occur outside of Devialet Chat.

Note 1: Devialet Chat plays no role whatsoever in these transactions. We are not paid nor do we make any representations whatsoever about the validity of the offer, the poster, existence or lack thereof of the item for sale, the condition of the item, validity of payment type, etc. BUYER BEWARE! You are solely responsible for performing due diligence on the item and the person offering the item or paying for it. In no case does Devialet Chat, its owners and moderators have any responsibility, or can provide any recourse should you be dissatisfied with the transaction.

Note 2: Devialet Chat reserves the right to remove any post in the "For Sale" forum

Note 3: Dealers are not permitted to post for sale items
Industry disclosure: UK distributor for Shunyata Research

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