Poll: What's your age?
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What's your age?
(04-Nov-2014, 11:30)Confused Wrote: Old enough to have some spare cash, not so old that you've gone deaf....

Being deaf you just put on your Dev a bit louder....
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(04-Nov-2014, 13:23)Charlemagne Wrote: Being deaf you just put on your Dev a bit louder....

Ummm, now I'm beginning to understand why I needed to upgrade to a D800
(02-Nov-2014, 16:19)Confused Wrote: We could do one regarding the sex of forum members too? There might even be a woman out there somewhere?


Occupation might be interesting as well. I'm sure there are a few here in IT related occupations, judging by the amount of PC optimising, Cubox Linux programming and similar going on, I might be wrong?
Sonos Play 1 (kitchen).  Devialet 200 (boxed up since April 2016).  To quote Van - A Period of Transition...
Old enough to know better, but haven't learnt howWink!
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I'm 50. I wish I could have known at 20 I'd one day have an amp as good as the 250.
Devialet 250 Pro. Martin Logan Spire. Michell Gyrodec, Melco N1ZH
dangerously close to 50
I'm 38.The more time I spent with that hobby the more I like it!Usually it's the other way around in my case - just ask my girfriend Smile
Devialet 200->Audience Conductor SE Speaker Cable->Dali Epicon 2
Mid life crisis, buy a sports/supercar, have an affair, get caught , get divorced , get fleeced ......

Or, buy a nice new shiny amplifier and enjoy listening to all your old music again?

Less hassle I would say?
Turning 50 next week...
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A young (so I'm told) 57

I work as a self employed, part time guitar technician.
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