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Devialet teaser 07-04-2017 / 'The lost holograms'
(12-Apr-2017, 16:50)Confused Wrote:
(12-Apr-2017, 16:44)Dr Tone Wrote:
(12-Apr-2017, 16:36)Confused Wrote: I am wondering if years of mental torture and abuse from Devialet has sent the majority of posters on this forum stark raving bonkers?

There is some evidence to suggest that this is indeed the case.

It's the last stage before finally seeing the light.  I went through it.

Indeed.  Plus you have those lovely VU meters to look forward to!  I must admit that I do like them a lot.  Enjoy, and let us know how you find them before departing these troubled shores. Shy


It would be nice if people stayed in touch even after moving on.

Industry disclosure: UK distributor for Shunyata Research

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(12-Apr-2017, 16:51)GuillaumeB Wrote: +1

It would be nice if people stayed in touch even after moving on.



Absolutely Guillaume. We know Devialet read this - and evidence of a level of disillusionment that makes people move away from the brand, despite its many positive features, illustrates how damning the negative features are.
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I have not "moved on" from Devialet (still running a 200) but I HAVE decided to not invest any more time and money in their hardware until there is some evidence that they have invested more time and money in their software.
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