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250 Pro system
(05-May-2018, 07:27)ssfas Wrote: A simple acoustic decoupling solution, did entire system including speakers and sub using perspex, acetal (white, under the sub) and Auralex foam for under £200. The foam gives a nice smooth cut with a new craft knife. Works a treat.

[Image: 41856825762_84ce7f3773.jpg]

[Image: 41856825992_f0e84784dd.jpg]

Any noticeable impact on sound quality?

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Beautifully put together system!
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(05-May-2018, 09:42)cereal killer Wrote: Beautifully put together system!

Thank you. You may appreciate that one reason for my buying Devialet is that, having a dual turntable (MM mono, MC stereo), it is one of the few units around that can operate a dual phono stage. 

The other components underneath are a router (ethernet), Aries Mini (usb), skybox (optical) and DVD player (coax).
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