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ROON ROCK now available
I'd get the £60 Samsung. It's significantly faster than the one that's fractionally cheaper.
The database that you'll 'feel' will predominantly be reads. Seems like best bang for buck.

The others are just wasted space/performance.
Not speaking from experience btw.

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 >>> Fingers crossed for a RoonReady Core Infinity and the death of AIR...... here's waiting for October (or November, or December....  Big Grin ) <<<
- London, UK -

I was thinking that the load would predominantly be reads myself, so that does look like the one to go for
I'd go for the 250 GB NVME, because bigger is faster as suggested here Tongue

"The SSD can be 64GB or larger -- note that larger SSDs tend to be faster due to how the chips are laid out (after 256GB, it doesn't matter... for now). It is extremely rare you will need more than 64GB of storage on this SSD. ROCK will not use it."
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Should it be Aurender N10 or Melco N1ZH60? Roon'd for now
S   I   N   G   A   P   O   R   E
The Read speed is only marginally faster, 3100 vs 3000
Now that there is ROON/AIR integration, I finally bit the bullet and installed ROCK onto an Intel NUC6i5SYH I had purchased a few months ago in anticipation. Despite initial fear and trepidation (playing with software and computers is not my forte) I installed the BIOS update and the ROCK software, both of which had been previously downloaded to USB drives, without any problem, loaded the missing CODEC to the CODEC folder on ROCK. Backed up my database, and then de-authorised ROON on my Windows 10 PC, established connection to ROCK having first restored the database. attached my USB Music Library drive to the NUC and selected it in ROON settings > storage, lit the blue touch paper, and retired to a safe distance having selected My Devialet-ETH as the playing zone, and blow me down, music actually played Big Grin.

To say that I was  astounded would be an understatement, but I am very pleased with the result Smile. I am running headless and using Roon Remote controls installed on a Samsung Tab S and Apple iPad mini 4, both of which re-connected with ROCK with no problem. This now means that I can leave ROCK running full time without needing my main PC running. It also means that ROON is not now subject to possible disruption from future Windows 10 updates. 

I have a few more things to play with, such as transferring my music library to the internal 2Tb HDD I have installed in the NUC, and sorting out where I make future back-ups, but I am, at present, just more than content to have a more prolonged listening session. My initial listening indicates that SQ has not suffered at all and in fact may have improved, but I am the worlds worst at trying to justify improvements in SQ and, moreover, think that it is a mugs game anyway Angel .

1. NUC6i5SYH running ROON ROCK > ROON/AIR > Ethernet > Devialet 1000pro > Wilson-Benesch ACT Speakers,
or, as alternative, 
2. Wyred4Sound MS-2 Server, Devialet 1000pro, Theta Jade CD Transport, Pure 702ES Tuner, Wilson-Benesch ACT Speakers, misc cables

I received my NUC7I5BNH this morning (replacing my Win10 pc). It took only 1.5 hour to get the machine running and playing music again. Great "Getting Started" manuals on the Roon site.
First impresion on SQ is better, especially on the lower frequencies.
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Rotterdam, NL


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