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Thanks and goodbye
PGood morning all - not ignoring my task of commenting on the Kii 3s.  They've finally made it to a warehouse just outside Belfast - tantalisingly close.  Should be here tomorrow.  More news later!

ATB, Ken
Squeezebox Touch -> Kii Audio 3
Good morning, anything new upon the Kiis? Thanks!
Le120-Aries-RP10/Apheta-Magnat MCD850-Tannoy DC8-Cabledyne&Anticables
Hi - everything has arrived and is in boxes in my living room!  I've been undergoing physio for a meniscal cartilage repair which means I'm not as mobile as I'd like - I need my brother to help me set them up, and he's booked in for next Saturday. 

Only update at the moment is that the stands and speakers are very heavy, and the Kii Contoller is beautifully finished.  Not much , I know!

More news next week!

ATB, Ken
Squeezebox Touch -> Kii Audio 3

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