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Pink Floyd Exhibition
(08-Oct-2017, 11:03)Barrio Wrote: I'm so jealous, Axel. I would love to see that exhibition. Unfortunately I'm no where near the area.
It was certainly one to remember! Shame you couldn’t make it.
If you go onto the Victoria & Albert Museum website, you can buy all sorts of memorabilia. The official book of the exhibition is a good buy. All of the photo’s I took of the gear, you know, guitars, amps, stage props etc. are all in the book. The hardback version has a trick cover, which I went for for posterity!
Personally, I spent a fortune in goodies. They are expensive but the official tour t-shirts are good quality.
You can get some of the gear direct from Floyd’s website too.
Perhaps you could buy yourself something to make up for non attendance?
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