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Power Cables
(27-Sep-2017, 08:54)yanc Wrote: Problem is it's thick and rather inflexible for my limited space back of my rack.

I got the SR Dev-spec sometime back and I too was facing the same difficulty as you. I contacted SR Customer Service and they suggested that on a bright day under the Sun, I straighten the power cord and leave it in the sun for 1-2 hrs. After which, pick it up, bend it to shape and install. Once the powercord returns to room-temp, it would stay in that shape ...
Macbook Air with Roon Air  >  Audioquest Diamond Ethernet 
Devialet 400 FW v10.1.0  >  Audioquest Wild  RCA-XLR on custom-made Maglev feet
Bowers & Wilkins 802 D3  >  Audioquest Redwood Single-BiWire  |  PowerCords : Synergistic Research Atmosphere for Devialet
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