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Devialet Premium dealers poll.
Interesting posts, and I think it is worthwhile to let others know when a dealer has been good to deal with. It would help a great deal if we knew where these dealers are. Too many signatures don't have any location information, so posts here need to have a City and Country to be useful. After all, 'Red Rock Audio' might be in Colorado or on Mars. Just saying.
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(05-Jan-2017, 19:17)TheMadButcher Wrote:
(05-Jan-2017, 14:00)wwm Wrote: I have no hesitation whatsoever in promoting Hi Fi Lounge. I have found Paul very helpful and enthusiastic about all things hi fi. Paul is incredibly laid back and there is no sales pressure. I have dealt with this business since it's inception and seen it go from strength to strength. I have no personal connection with Paul, I simply buy my equipment from him.
I second that.
Paul is a legend!

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And I am going to add my whole-hearted recommendation for Hifi Lounge, terrific dealer. Being 'overseas' I have never met Paul & Wendy face-to-face, but I get the impression they love what they are doing, and this comes across in the way they deal with you.
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