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  Site migration soon - expect some downtime
Posted by: Rufus McDufus - 19-Apr-2020, 16:22 - Forum: Information, Rules & FAQ - Replies (38)

Apologies for the poor performance of this site today (and it was a bit slow yesterday I noticed).  There seems to be some ongoing network issue at the hosting company. I've logged a ticket but they're being a bit slow getting back to me.   The problem seems intermittent and seems dependent on your IP address (some sort of network flood protection set to be too sensitive?).

[edit] The hosting company will migate the site off the current server to a new one within the next day or so. Expect some downtime (or more of the same if that's what you're experiencing right now!).  Hopefully we'll have a more accurate timeframe soon.

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  Deleting threads
Posted by: Carcrashboy - 30-Mar-2020, 10:58 - Forum: Information, Rules & FAQ - Replies (2)

Hi, Is it possible to delete a thread you wish you had never started?



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  Any Chance Devialet Will Actively Participate Here?
Posted by: Snoopy8 - 28-Oct-2019, 12:50 - Forum: Information, Rules & FAQ - Replies (8)

Please excuse my ignorance if this has been covered previously or elsewhere.  I am a relatively newcomer to this forum, so do not know the complete history of how this forum came about, how it was funded etc. 

Many of the recurring issues that keep popping up here are due to poor communications.  Devialet are seen as not being responsive to problems, do not communicate their plans and generally do not tell the customer much.  Even the latest marketing teaser about the black Reactor fell flat.  

Some of the problems could be solved by Devialet actively participating here.  Is there any chance that this can happen?

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  No longer possible to clear alerts?
Posted by: thumb5 - 13-Jun-2019, 16:59 - Forum: Information, Rules & FAQ - Replies (8)

I noticed today that the link to clear alerts no longer seems to be working: when an alert is active and I click the link, nothing happens.

If it matters, I'm using Windows 10 (64-bit) and see the same behaviour using Vivaldi, Chrome and Edge browsers.

Anyone else seeing the same behaviour?

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  Expert 120/200
Posted by: Cylob - 21-Apr-2019, 10:36 - Forum: Information, Rules & FAQ - Replies (5)

Hey mods!
Shouldn't the Expert 120 & 200 be added to the single chassis section?
Or am I the only left with a normal 200? 


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  New banner
Posted by: thumb5 - 01-Feb-2019, 15:55 - Forum: Information, Rules & FAQ - Replies (6)

(Assuming it's new, otherwise (a) I've been totally unobservant and am just catching up with reality, and (b) Her Majesty reads DevialetChat and saw some inspiration for her Christmas speech...)

...the banner "Even with the most deeply held differences..." is a nice addition.  Thanks to all concerned!

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  Attention forum owners / moderators
Posted by: disarmamant - 11-May-2018, 09:10 - Forum: Information, Rules & FAQ - Replies (17)

I'm not sure if I'm posting this in the correct part of the forum, but the owners and/or moderators need to be aware of the fake adverts that are being put up as sponsored adverts on the Tapatalk version of this forum.

I use the free version of Tapatalk on my iPad. The free Tapatalk is of course full of adverts, but lately there has been fake news type scam adverts for bitcoin trader. They are putting up fake adverts claiming that Dragons Den is being axed by the BBC as some of the stars are now investing in Bitcoin and making millions. They are claiming that Gordon Ramsay is closing his restaurants as he is making more money investing in Bitcoin.

I have reported these fake adverts to Tapatalk who have told me they have no control over the forums advertisement content and to contact the forum admin.

Here is the reply I got from Tapatalk.

Thank you for following up on this matter. 

Tapatalk hosts forums and has no access to forum's content management. 
We are in no position to determine if the news posted on this site is fake or otherwise. 
We'd appreciate if you could please approach the site admin to remove the content or other authorities to have the content removed. 
Thank you for reporting this to Tapatalk.

Maybe the Devialet Chat admin needs to look into this?

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  Seasons Greetings to all Devialet “chatters “
Posted by: brit - 16-Dec-2017, 12:52 - Forum: Information, Rules & FAQ - Replies (58)

Well it is time of year yet again and I notice that the Forum Header has taken on its festive look!

So Seasons greetings to one and all Smile.


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  New Site Features
Posted by: Rufus McDufus - 05-Dec-2017, 15:14 - Forum: Information, Rules & FAQ - Replies (4)

For your amusement and delight, I've added a few features to this site.

Firstly you may have noticed the 'Alerts'  item near the top when you're logged in to the forum. This gives notifications for things such as when someone replies to a thread you started, or replied quoting a post you made. The full list of alerts types is listed in User CP under 'Alert Settings' where you can turn off/on specific alert types (they're all on by default).

Secondly there's a 'Mention' feature where you can mention another user by quoting their username with an @ symbol in front. If your username is mentioned by someone else then you should see an alert.  As soon as you type @, a selection box should pop up where you can start typing a username and you'll be presented with the choices. Initially with an empty selection you should get (I think) a list of users who have already contributed to the particular thread, if any.
In addition there's also a 'Mention' button at the bottom of each post which will automatically insert a mention of that post's username in any reply you make.

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Posted by: thumb5 - 16-Jul-2017, 09:45 - Forum: Information, Rules & FAQ - Replies (5)

The discussions going on in the Devialet News->Streamer board...? thread at the moment about whether there should be a new section for threads about Roon got me thinking a bit.

It strikes me that changing the structure of the forum in itself is not likely to reduce the number of posts that end up in the wrong thread: it's human nature that some people have ideas they'd like to express whenever and wherever they occur, while others like to organise things more carefully and will try to post to existing, relevant threads where possible.  That won't change overnight just because there's an extra section in the forum, and there will always be some tension between these ways of interacting with the forum.

So I wonder whether what we need is a bit more active moderation to keep the structure of the forum under control in a more dynamic and reactive way.  The Roon forum seems to be a good example of this: as hifi_swlon said in another post, the moderators there seem to act subtly but quickly to split and merge threads where necessary to keep things on-topic.  Their approach seems to be very effective.  Fortunately both the Roon forum and this forum (DC) seem very good natured for the most part so I expect the moderators don't often have to step in to stop threads going sour.

Which brings me to the question: do we need more moderators, and if so would anyone be willing to take on this role?  I'm not sure exactly how it works and how much time and effort it would entail; maybe Guillaume or Rufus might be able to give some guidance.

I should say right away that I'm not in any way trying to imply that the existing moderators are not doing a great job. Rather I'm aware that there aren't many of them and we shouldn't expect them to be spending 24 hours a day on the forum keeping it under control.  Spreading the load is all I'm suggesting.

Maybe I'm on the wrong track here, in which case I won't be upset if anyone says so.  But if more moderators would be a good thing then I'd be pleased to help (although I haven't done this sort of thing before!).

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