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  How is the forum funded?
Posted by: thumb5 - 28-Apr-2016, 21:31 - Forum: Information, Rules & FAQ - Replies (77)

The on-going debacle at the 'wam reminds me of something I've been meaning to ask for a while, which is:

It must cost something to host and run the forum, and I don't see any advertisements or other means by which it raises income.  So I assume it's the personal generosity of Guillaume and/or Rufus and/or Martyn that funds it.

If that's the case, firstly: thank you, and secondly: is there a way that members can make a contribution towards the running costs?  I for one would be very pleased to do so.

(I don't want to pry unduly so if this isn't an appropriate topic for discussion, sorry for the noise and please feel free to nuke this post!)

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  A Tale Of Two Fora
Posted by: IanG-UK - 22-Apr-2016, 19:06 - Forum: Information, Rules & FAQ - Replies (11)

I participate on this forum and also on the HiFi Critic forum operated by Paul Messenger and Martin Colloms. 

Membership of both is free. HiFi Critic also produce a quarterly magazine, advertising free, 60 pages, very high quality, £65 per year.

Some interesting statistics:

                                             DevialetChat Forum                    HiFi Critic Forum

Forum Age:                                  23 months                                  9 years

Members:                                     2,115                                         1,489

Logged In Visitors In 2016:             1,219                                        68                      (113 days)

Logged In Visitors In Last Day:        290                                           15                      (24 hours) 

Members With 10+ Posts:               400                                           109

Members With 100+ Posts:              76                                            32

Congratulations to Guillaume, and Rufus and Martyn, for making this such a well read and participative place.

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  Forum Maintenance - Monday 11th April 0900 GMT
Posted by: Martyn - 06-Apr-2016, 18:59 - Forum: Information, Rules & FAQ - Replies (3)


On Monday 11th April 0900 we are moving the forum over to a new server including the database.

We are hoping this is all done and dusted within 15 minutes but there could be potentially longer downtime.

If this is the case we'll be updating our twitter account twitter.com/devialetchat

Moving to a new server will enable us to scale more effectively.

Any questions let me know.


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  Private Message Quota Reached
Posted by: Dr Tone - 03-Apr-2016, 14:33 - Forum: Information, Rules & FAQ - Replies (3)

I didn't think it was appropriate for everyone to create a new thread when a fellow member has reached their private message quota so  let's all page our fellow members using this thread.

I'll start, @Confused, you have some house cleaning to do, I can't reply to you right now.

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  The Great Devialet Chat Census!
Posted by: GuillaumeB - 02-Apr-2016, 13:39 - Forum: Information, Rules & FAQ - Replies (2)

Hi guys,

I am planning to carry out a survey of Devialet Chat members, this will be an email poll which will point to Survey Monkey. The idea is to compile a database of who owns what and make this available as a searchable resource on the Devialet Chat homepage. Naturally only usernames and equipment owned will be published with no disclosure of personal details in order to protect the anonymity of all members. Those that don't want to participate will have the option to opt out.

The first stage is obviously to collect the data so expect to receive an email from Devialet Chat soon! 



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  Forum email notification service down?
Posted by: Antoine - 13-Dec-2015, 14:49 - Forum: Information, Rules & FAQ - Replies (7)

Hi admin(s),

Yesterday I noticed I'm not receiving email notifications from the forum after receiving a PM. Today I checked my configured email address here, but it's the right one. I've tried to re-register it but never received the confirmation email. The emails are also not in one of my spam folders. Smile

Could it be the email service of the forum is down or is it perhaps disabled?

Thank you in advance!

Best regards,


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  Too Many Multiple Quotes
Posted by: bentrider - 17-Sep-2015, 18:23 - Forum: Information, Rules & FAQ - Replies (5)

I have difficulty enjoying this forum because too many posts contain multiple quotes.  I have to wade through endless repetition to get to a new, one sentence post. 

Suggestions for improvement:

1. Just say what you mean and forget about repeating the entire thread as a quote in your post. Angry

2. Can the format be changed so quotes show up as darker or a different color or otherwise clearly distinct from the new information?  I find everything looks so much alike I have to really look hard to find the added information.

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  Problem with the forum time
Posted by: Rufus McDufus - 16-Sep-2015, 17:04 - Forum: Information, Rules & FAQ - Replies (7)


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  Dealers/trade and advertising
Posted by: GuillaumeB - 23-Jun-2015, 19:06 - Forum: Information, Rules & FAQ - No Replies

Just wanted to clarify some of our "unwritten" rules at Devialet Chat.  

Explicit dealer advertising is not permitted, however dealers are positively encouraged to participate in all discussion threads. By dealer advertising we mean blatant self-promotion including links to websites and price lists, and mentions of specific promotions. Contact details are not allowed. 

However, dealers are welcome to post in the "Events and Shows" section, in this section it may be appropriate to include links to websites and provide some contact details. 

Dealers are not allowed to post items for sale in the "For Sale" section. 

If in doubt as to what is acceptable (or not) please PM me.

Thanks  Smile


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  Problem with Search
Posted by: Eddye - 18-Feb-2015, 19:37 - Forum: Information, Rules & FAQ - Replies (11)

Hi admins,

Is the Search engine working? I'm not getting any results, while I'm almost sure I should be getting some.

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