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  Major announcement!
Posted by: GuillaumeB - 31-Oct-2016, 15:04 - Forum: Information, Rules & FAQ - Replies (47)

Dear all,

I've got some big news, well for me at least, and I thought it important that I share this with the rest of the forum for reasons which will become very clear in a few seconds....  Big Grin

I have just become the official distributor for Shunyata Research in the UK! Some of you may recall that a few months ago I got my hands on a number of their products and was literally blown away by their performance. I initially approached another distributor I know well about taking them on but he wasn't able to for a number of reasons. It just seemed crazy to me that there wasn't a UK distributor. To cut a very long story short I decided to take a huge leap into the unknown and give it a go myself! After months of discussions and now just back from a trip to Seattle I am now proud to announce that I have formed a new company: The Shunyata Distribution Company which will soon start trading pending VAT registration and one or two other formalities. I know, I'm crazy, but sometimes these opportunities come up in life and you just have to go for it. It's always been my dream to work in hi-fi.

Before anyone freaks out I have no intention of using the forum to blatantly promote Shunyata. Whilst dealers and manufacturers are welcome on the forum we have always taken quite a hard line against blatant product advertising and this is not about to change! No way!

Having said that I do not intend to leave the forum; I am still a Devialet owner and this place very much feels like home. It's amazing to think that it was almost 2.5 years ago when I started PM'ing members of Hifi Wigwam with an idea of creating a dedicated Devialet forum. We now have over 2600 members and are one of the busiest hi-fi forums on the internet averaging just under 60 posts a day! Anyway I digress... the point is Devialet Chat means a lot to me and I am not about to compromise my integrity because of my arrangement with Shunyata.

So if everyone is OK with this I propose that nothing changes. I'll keep my business activities low-key and won't discuss products unless anyone specifically asks about them. I will update my signature shortly and restrict any discussion about Shunyata to the Shunyata thread. Smile In short I promise to abide by the very forum rules I helped to install.  


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  DC Image upload size restriction
Posted by: Hifi_swlon - 14-Oct-2016, 16:25 - Forum: Information, Rules & FAQ - Replies (3)

Just a little suggestion - would it be possible to increase the image size quota that can be directly uploaded? Perhaps even add resizing server-side if there are storage concerns?

It would be great to be able to upload iPad screen grabs (for "now playing" etc), rather than have to edit/resize first. I'm sure I'm not alone in living on my iPad for the most part for the internet these days (despite the horrible typing and auto-correct, and general difficulty in copying/pasting etc), and so it can be a bit of a faff to upload a pic here....

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  So you want to upgrade! HOW?
Posted by: teddlesdee - 02-Aug-2016, 10:03 - Forum: Information, Rules & FAQ - Replies (11)

Maybe I missed sommat... or maybe I am just getting too old...

Being curious after receiving the 'Upgrade' email, and 'as you do', I followed the email link Devialet to 'learn more'..

..OK, so learned pretty-much the same as I did looking that the email.. but maybe bigger and prettier pictures, and a nice button at the bottom of theirt page saying ' Register Here' or words to that effect... I HIT THE BUTTON! (well, it apparently is non-binding, so....)

BUT that was over two weeks ago, since then..... Nothing...NADA! ZILTCH!

So today I though... maybe I will try again, just in case I did not do it proper last time!

Nope! - I did - said I had already registered....

Ummm, so what gives?

This is typically poor communication by Devialet it seems, and now it is getting very irritating...

...or maybe I have just been SCAMMED! Huh


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  Beardy Nodding Guy?
Posted by: JohnnySix - 28-Jul-2016, 13:14 - Forum: Information, Rules & FAQ - Replies (9)

Pardonay moi if this isn't the place to ask... but who is the bearded Nodding Guy in GuilliameB's animated GIF?
Been meaning to ask for months.
I get that its just one of the long line of post-battle heroes going "Hey... you're alright. We're cool. Everything's going to be fine as long as we got each other, my friend & brother" etc. (Like at the end of Star Wars for instance.)

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  Advanced search
Posted by: Eddye - 28-Jun-2016, 19:54 - Forum: Information, Rules & FAQ - Replies (3)

Is it possible to start an advanced search? For example to search only topic titles, that sort of thing.

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  Forum etiquette
Posted by: GuillaumeB - 17-Jun-2016, 11:28 - Forum: Information, Rules & FAQ - Replies (11)

Hi chaps - point of order here...

I seem to be noticing this more and more but it does appear as though we are going off-topic a lot in the forum at the moment. So for example in a thread about new product launches we start ranting about AIR. Another thread about sound quality turns into a discussion about upgrade costs, when there is a  separate thread about upgrades etc etc.

I don't want to point fingers at anyone, after all I have been known to do this myself, but how about we all become a bit more aware of this?!   Angel

One of the reasons this forum works so well is that it largely moderates itself, in 2 years or so of operation I have only had to lock a thread once! Pretty amazing if you think about it.  Smile


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  Deleted threads/posts
Posted by: Rufus McDufus - 26-May-2016, 10:57 - Forum: Information, Rules & FAQ - No Replies

We had a user request to delete their posts/threads and user account. As a result, unfortunately 4 threads started by that user in which others posted replies are now deleted. These are the threads.

SAM Damaged speakers
D200 three red lights
Spdif Coax cable/ audio dropout
Just bought a Devialet 200

Many apologies for those who contributed to the threads and also who replied to posts in other threads. This was a difficult decision to make.

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  New (to me) High Res site.
Posted by: MusicFirst - 20-May-2016, 14:02 - Forum: Information, Rules & FAQ - Replies (3)


Seems like a pretty cool site and a possible substitute/addition to HD Tracks.  Really eclectic selection and a godsend for those who suffer from HDTrack region restriction desease. Angry


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  Mark this forum read
Posted by: Cylob - 20-May-2016, 09:27 - Forum: Information, Rules & FAQ - Replies (1)

When you press "mark this forum read" you wind up in the same section as before. 
Wouldn't it be handier to go up one level as you prolly wanna go to another section?

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  Devialetchat is blocked by network administrator
Posted by: hk6230 - 19-May-2016, 01:02 - Forum: Information, Rules & FAQ - Replies (12)

This morning, when trying to access this site, my browser pop up with a Dell logo and stating the site has been blocked by network administrator. I wonder it is blocked by the Chinese famed "Great Wall firewall" or just a hitch on the service provider.

I have to use VPN to access the site now.

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