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Mark this forum read
When you press "mark this forum read" you wind up in the same section as before. 
Wouldn't it be handier to go up one level as you prolly wanna go to another section?
Devialet 200 (FW 7.1.3) / Magnepan 1.7i / Rel T5 / Foobar (WASAPI event 24bit) / AIR 3.0.1 public beta (best Air 3.x.x SQ by far)
That is a good idea. Unfortunately I can't find a setting or plugin that'll do this! I'll keep digging.
I am Devialetless!  Perhaps temporary?
Nord One SE NC500, Mytek Brooklyn, Melco N1A, Rega RP6/Exact, Raidho C-1.1, Shunyata Denali and cables, grounding boxes.

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