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Devialet Lost Recordings Open Event Feb 4th
Happy New Year to all!

Devialet will be continuing their Lost Recording events this year starting with an evening in the city of dreaming spires! The event is open to all and we would love to see as many of you there as possible. It will be held on Saturday 4th February starting from around 5pm but times will be firmed up as the day approaches.

The playback will be taking place at one of Oxford's University's most historical music venues, the Holywell Music Room which is situated right in the heart of the city. Buses from each of the city's park and rides will take you to within a 5 minute walk of the venue. For those after a chinwag and a tipple after listening to one of the infamous "Lacquers" we will be keeping the store open late for drinks and canapes.

Having heard some of the Sarah Vaughan lacquer, it will be a real treat for those who can make it. Even if only to see the guys from Devialet UK use one of their £6,300.00 LP's.

Please email me or reply if you would like to attend. An OAC mailshot will go out breifly to those on our mailing list and Devialet will be sending out a more detailed invitation soon.

Kind regards to all

Hello Alasdair - sounds like a fun event; I'd like to attend, please.
Wilson Benesch Full Circle, Sonos ZP90 (Cullen modified), Devialet 440 Pro, Kaiser Chiara
It's a big old venue Ian, and at the moment it looks like its just the two of us to enjoy it!

For anyone interested in coming along, the session will run from 5:30 on Saturday 4th Feb until around 7:30. Drinks and a chinwag is highly recommended at OAC afterwards and all are welcome. Jon gave me the Sarah Vaughan record for X Mas (not the lacquer!) and I must say, it is a superbly mastered LP. Sarah chats away with her audience and it's a truely personal performance. I hope that the rest are just as good!

We will be sending out invitations over the next few days, spaces will be limited but I wanted to offer the opportunity to attend first to DChatters as a thank you for another great year having so many of you as customers. If anyone is interested, keep the emails coming and we will make sure that theres a space with your name on it.

Kind regards


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