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Additional phantom making previous setup Airplay compatible
Hi Guys,

Hope my title made this post as crystal clear as possible Smile
I’m the happy owner of two silver phantom (not airplay compatible) and I’m toying the idea to add a third speaker (a reactor to be precise) in the next room (which is half open with to the first room, where the silver pair is). My plan is to keep the pair of silver as the main stereo and the reactor as a “reinforcement” to add presence to the sound (I know you’ll all tell me “take a pair bla-bla-bla, but finance are not unlimited and a third speaker will definitely help).

My question isn’t really about 1 or 2 additional speakers anyway... As my current silver setup isn’t Airplay compatible, will the addition of one (or two Smile ) reactor will make the whole installation Airplay compatible (I assume I would have to assign the reactor as “main” or whatever to make this happening)?
I have no idea on how the multi room setup would look like or what would be the constraint (if any)to make the whole setup Airplay compatible.

Any idea or feedback?

Thanks in advance.

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