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Airplay availability on Classic (1st gen) under DOS2
Just want to question if anybody else is experiencing the same. 

I own one Phantom Classic first generation (originally 1200W, 101dB). As I was under DOS1 firmare this speaker could stream Airplay.
As I moved to DOS2 my Classic should be now upgraded to 2000W and 103dB (art least according to official Devialet feedback), but I lost Airplay connection.

The case is: I also own 2x Phantom Golds paired as a stereo couple. As I turn them on together with the Classic, the single Classic has the capability to stream Airplay. Instead If the Classic is turned on by itself alone, this is not happening; no Airplay streaming possibility.

Anyone else with the same behavior?
Any technical explanation about this?
I found the answer on Devialet FAQ:

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