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Airplay very unstable
Using 2 Golds with Dialog connected to an Airport Express - I have Spark/Tidal working flawlessly but when running Airplay (from Spotify, Tidal app, and Roon on a QNAP NAS) the sound sometimes just disappears and doesn't come back again. I need to completely reset the system again for a few minutes/hours more listening before the sound just disappears again.
When this happens, the controls (Spotify app, Tidal app, Roon...) still displays it is playing through Airplay - but there is NO sound coming from the Phantoms.

Anyone has experienced this and knows what to do?
Sorry, I do not use Airplay. Suggest you contact Devialet Support for help..
I received good attention & support from Devialet and AirPlay is now working again. Apparently it was due to some pendling/ongoing software upgrade for the Phantoms...

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