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"Audiophile Grade" Ethernet Switches - The new generation
For those interested in the EhterRegen, this appeared on CA yesterday:

Actually, development is proceeding nicely. This next week we receive our third round of PCBs to conduct the next set of tests on. John did make a topology change a few weeks ago—for greater overall performance of all ports—and this necessitated addition of a second special switch chip (and it took me two weeks to get through the NDA process to obtain the full datasheet for it).  So yes, we are a some months behind schedule—I was originally expecting we would begin shipments this month. But given how every technical aspect of EtherREGEN will be so completely different from any other switch presently offered, we thing it will be worth the wait. We intend to present a block diagram and some explanations closer to the launch (which we are pretty confident will be February).  

For those interested in the SOtM sNH-10G, its out! (Well, almost, available Nov 26)  A press release this week:

The audio grade network switch, sNH-10G, is available.
The sNH-10G can prove what the ultimate sound should be in your network system.

How many audiophiles would have been satisfied with sound in their system? Especially with a network audio system, you may know from your own experience that it’s not an easy to overcome and resolve all variation from the network circumstances.

Key features
The sNH-10G is designed for the high end network audio system. It consists of 8 x RJ-45 ports and 2 x SFP ports and support 10, 100, 1G Ethernet. And the sCLK-EX high end clock module with 10MHz master clock input can be installed optionally.
Your network audio system will be able to perform with more realistic textures, wider sound stage and explosive dynamics without losing the detail of the entire range. Pairing with the dCBL-CAT7, sPS-500 and sCLK-OCX10, the performance would be further maximized.
The standard sNH-10G : USD800
The sNH-10G with the sCLK-EX installation : USD1500
The sNH-10G with the sCLK-EX and the master clock input installation: USD1700

The price mentioned above is Manufacturer's Suggested Retail Price., not including VAT, importing Taxes, shipping nor others.

If you consider changing internal components by replacing Evox cap, 7N UPOCC stranded silver or copper, or adding eABS-200, please simply ask it to your dealer or email me back for further assistance.

And the shipment will be made from 26th, Nov smoothly, please place an order through your local dealer or our online shop.
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Wow, people are really jumping on this bandwagon.....

The sotm product details are basically a few paragraphs of meaningless nonsense, combined with (to paraphrase) ‘its in a pretty case styled like the flow of music’. Kind of tells you everything you need to know really.

I wonder if uptone will finish their testing equipment that’s allegedly being designed to show what they’re actually aiming to tackle, before they release the product? (And they probably won’t need to since people seem to be buying this stuff anyway).

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Some interesting new products have been announced by Sonore. The Sonore systemOptique, which is a fiber optic Ethernet link, and an associated opticalRendu, which is an updated version of the ultraRendu with fiber optic input. You could use the systemOptique with the new opticalRendu but the systemOptique is designed to be used with any system that utilises Ethernet, so you could use it with your SOtM kit, dCS Network Bridge, Auralic, Devialet AIR, or anything else.

I thought that this just about deserves a new thread, but ultimately decided to post here because I think the systemOptique and the new bread of Ethernet switches are basically trying to do the same thing, and that is eliminate noise from the upstream noisy "consumer-grade" computer kit for the delicate "audio grade" kit downstream. Furthermore, the Sonore systemOptique could be used with the soon to be released UpTone Audio EtherREGEN.

There is nothing particularly new or cutting edge about using fiber Ethernet in audio systems, but I think it is nice that we now have an option to use this with "turn key" products that are specifically configured for audio and that give due consideration to power supplies, high-quality clocking, and so on. Personally, I do like the idea that I can have a very powerful PC that can run Roon at ease, perform HQPlayer upsampling without a stutter, and this noisy PC beast can definitively 100% electrically isolated from the downstream audio kit.

See links below:
1000 Pro - KEF Blade - SOtM sMS-200Ultra Neo - tX-USBultra - Mutec REF10 - MC3+USB - Pro-Ject Signature 12
1000 Pro - KEF Blade - SOtM sMS-200Ultra Neo - tX-USBultra - Mutec REF10 - MC3+USB - Pro-Ject Signature 12
And we have these ones
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(Sadly only in German!)

"The SOtM sNH-10G Network Switch is already one of the discoveries of the year for me. If you are serious about audio streaming in your home network, you should definitely try the device - the surprise could be huge!"
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