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Basic setup for two phantoms.
Hi ,
Im about to purchase my secondary gold after upgraded to Dos2.
Im looking for basic setup.
How to connect them?eth/wi fi? music today is on tidel hifi/dezeer,good or bad?
Should i move to local audio/nas?what r my option there?from where you download hifi audio today?
And las one ... should i buy any hardware on top? dedicated media server maybe and how should i connect it to the speakers?

If your wifi is good, should be ok. But if it is bad, then go Ethernet. If you are happy with Tidal and Deezer, then continue using them. Unless you have your own music, there is no need for a media server nor NAS. Why do you want to complicate your setup?
Im seeing here a lot of roon talks and streaming hardware solutions on top of phantoms.
Seems to me like im missing something in my listening audio experience.

After upgraded to Dos2 im using from my 10s+ bubble upnp tidal/dezeer.
Im asking my self if it the right way to do it to get hires audio quality.

Roon is a whole subject on its own. People like it because it manages the meta data of one's own music and is integrated with Tidal. It also has tools for upsampling, room correction.  At the moment, Roon integrates with the Phantoms via Airplay or via a Roon end point using the optical to the Phantoms. Some people say Roon itself improves the music playback. Roon requires a "core" running on decent hardware. If using optical, need a Roon Endpoint i.e. a streamer with optical output.

Without a music collection, you will miss out on Roon's main attraction of meta data management. Airplay is limited to 16/44.1 so most people use optical, which means 2 additional boxes for you. The Phantom will one day be Roon Certified i.e. get RAAT (Roon Advanced Audio Transport). This is supposed to be the best way to connect to Roon. However, given the stories of RAAT for the ExpertPro, I am not confident this will come soon or be as good as it could be.

Regarding HiRes, often people find them better because they were derived from better master. There is debate whether HiRes is better. There are HiRes downloads available but best is probably 2L because they use same master for you to compare. Note that Phantom can do up to 24/192.

Another thing to consider is to use a room correction box eg. miniDSP with Dirac Live or Dspeaker X4 which are easy to use and output optical to Phantom.

For reference, I have my music on a NAS, mostly ripped from CDs but do have some HiRes. I use MinimServer to access the NAS. I also run room correction and built the convolution filters using tools (not for beginners!). I trialled Roon but remain unconvinced.

Hope this helps...
My setup here

Given that you are  just getting a second one, look at where to place the stereo pair in the room. Good room placement and putting them on stands can improve the Golds considerably.

There are many articles on how to place Hifi speakers. E.g.
The Phantoms should be treated the same.
You Rock's.
I now understand much ( much) better.

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