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Bigger Phantom
I haven't listened to the Gold, yet...

But, I think to achieve a sound with more body, bigger drivers are going to be needed. We all know that 1 inch tweeter is probably going to stay the same size, regardless of what happens, so the change in size would be for the mids and low freq. drivers.

I hope Devialet has thought about this. Of course, it would start with a prototype... But, I don't see how this would be a bad thing. It would take them time to finish the prototype, yes, but they would learn more.
I can't see any reason why different drivers would be needed.

If you want more body a change of frequency response would be more likely to give it than any change of drivers, maybe adding tone controls would help those who prefer a different balance to standard?

A 1" tweeter is a good compromise between frequency response and directivity. The radiating area of the mid driver is similarly a good compromise (similar to the legendary ATC mid range dome). The piston area of the 2 existing bass drivers is about the same as 2 conventional 8" bass units (ie bigger than the B&W 803), which with SAM covers the entire audible bass range.
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Well, I'm no expert, but thanks for your input, f1eng.

I tend to think that speakers with bigger drivers sound more dense/impressive than speakers with regular sized mids driver, and 6.5" woofers... (or is it 8"...)

But, I haven't listened to much. Maybe others can input their thoughts, too?

I too would like a better Phantom or an active speaker from Devialet different from the Phantom. I want the speakers to sound better and work in a home theatre (with an AVR driving the other speakers).

While there are many ways to design an excellent full-range speaker they do sound different. I don't know if different drivers are needed, but since I've heard excellent speakers using many different driver materials, sizes, shapes, and configurations I'm open to any possibility. In any way they accomplish it, a different sound is needed before I'd buy Phantoms. My priorities are sound quality (in my room) for the size and then price. I auditioned the Phantom, loving its imaging and some aspects of detail but hating the boombox bass balance (or some such quality off the bass vs. the mid/high) and missing the ultimate sound quality available from the best passive speakers. I do love my KEF LS50 so got excited at the coaxial driver of the Phantom. I also got excited about the KEF Blade but didn't like the disconnect between the bass and mid/high of the Blade. Maybe I don't like side-firing woofers. They certainly don't seem like a good match with rooms in which the speakers need to be placed near a side wall (especially on one side but not the other).
Well, it's been a year, and I thought I'd add more thoughts to the thread, as opposed to creating a new thread.

I hope Devialet hasn't gotten comfortable with the Phantom. There's always room for improvement.

Some things that I've been wondering:

1---Is the space behind the tweeter/mid drivers enough/ideal? You know, the space for the air. If you think about it in the way of: tweeter/mid drivers located in a closed small enclosure, in front of the bigger enclosure for the bass drivers..., it makes me wonder if that has to do with why some of my favorite CD's have a smallish sound, in some part of the music.

2--- I would like Devialet to continue experimenting with other driver materials: Like diamond tweeter, etc. I like the magic that I get from B&W 802 D3. I'm also a fan of Sonus Faber. Sonus Faber with a diamond tweeter could be a game changer...maybe.
I'd imagine it's far more likely - almost guaranteed in fact - that we'll see the current shell milked for everything it's got with at least Platinum and Rhodium versions before any complete revamp happens. That's assuming Phantom continues for several more iterations.

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..... rather than another Phantom, perhaps a Phantom Sub... thingy.

Consider: the Phantom currently reaches down to about... 18 hz? It is in an attractive, conveniently-sized package, and (I'm assuming) could work with the Expert/ Pro range. I'd love to be able to buy a Phantom Sub and have it slip into my system and room. Software in the Config would make it an easy integration into an existing system.

Not that this idea is intended to eclipse the 'bigger Phantom' idea, but as noted, the Phantom likely already has the surface/ radiating area it needs for excellent bass. And nobody doubts the Phantoms bass capability.... I think.
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I'd be kind of interested in that too - especially if it had all the setup built-in, and largely automated.

Seems Devialet aren't adverse to putting something in an ugly box now, so there's probably a chance - especially if Sky subscribers could benefit for their movies. Smile

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‘Normal’ cables. *eBay LPS on the Allo, no discernible SQ change over Pi supply.
- London, UK -
>>> Devialet ‘EPO’ System - Expert Planned Obsolescence! <<<

They probably won't eliminate/change the lower priced versions (for a long time). If they're going to make it better, they'll probably add a new version to the list. Unless the change can have a benefit throughout all versions.

As for "bigger Phantom", I said that because if you play album "Mechanical Animals" by Marilyn Manson, you'll notice that there isn't enough body on the music, where it should be. They have to figure it out.

At least they're not short of investors.

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