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Biggest upgrade since speakers... LITHIUM!

Yup, sorry to burst all your fancy power conditioner bubbles but it's time to ditch that Synergistic Research UEF 12 SE blah blah!

The Goal Zero Yeti 1000 powers all your Devialet system needs and there's even a 3kw version if you've a six stack of subs.
1Gb Fiber/Netgear R8000 Nighthawk AC5300 router - Ipad Mini w ROON Control app - MacBook Air w ROON Server - Air3 - Goal Zero Yeti 1400 lithium power generator - Self-designed Silver/copper braided, quartz insulated power cord w Furutech connectors - Devialet D200 on self-designed three-stage isolation stand - Purist Audio Design Venestus speaker cables - Focal Utopia 3 Diablo - 7mx9m Room treatment with acoustic panels
wow - interesting thread that! Seems like a very perceptible difference based on some of the reports .. big question is how often the fans kick in and how much that ends up being a nuisance to the listening experience! ... Will keep following that thread. The Devialets definitely seem to get a lot of improvement from good clean power ... crap - means more investment necessary! ughhh

The Yeti 1000 seems to be a good unit to try out - got good power and high peak current of the AC Inverter @ 12.5amps - much higher than the 400.
Panamax MR4000 power conditioner > Devialet 220pro CI > Martin Logan Motion 60xt
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It’s a generator! And ugly at that imo. Too ugly to be sitting anywhere near my stereo equipment. The price isn’t bad though.

But I don’t see how this is different than psaudio power regenerator or any other similar battery generator. They at least fit in you your stacks.
I've been using a MPPT PV inverter for my 230 volt supply. It can provide 4000 watts of pure sine-wave AC. All sunshine-powered

Its in a separate room to my system, along with all the house electricals, etc

Cape Town - South Africa

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