Poll: Can I hear differences between cables?
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I am using a Trinnov ST-2 correction device which corrects for phase rotation, delays and tonal imbalance for each channel separately.  The impact of the Trinnov is immense, pacticularly on imaging.  You can save a lot on cables and use the savings on the purchase of a Trinnov.
Has anyone tried High Fidelity Cables?
Changes in my speaker cables have made a big difference to my sound quality. System Devialet 440 with Focal Sopra 2 speakers. Started with old QED XT 40 and base was a bit flat. Then tried Naim NAC A5 which immediately improved the base but I was still unhappy with the overall sound. Next tried Chord Epic. It was like someone had opened a door with a dramatic improvement to the base and far more clarity between instruments and vocals. I thought I would stick with the Chord but decided to try Black Rhodium Quickstep. Again an improvement to the clarity of the music but not quite the same base definition as the Chord. I was sceptical about the difference cables could make to my system but have heard a massive difference between all the cables I have tried.

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