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DOS1: iOS:SPARK doesn‘t connect to TIDAL account anymore
Dear all,

I have 1x Dialog and 2x Phantom Premier Gold with a DOS1 setup. I used SPARK on my iOS devices for most of the time, which was connected to my TIDAL account. Since some weeks I can‘t access my TIDAL account within the SPARK app. The problem is not TIDAL as I can use the TIDAL app and play via AirPlay on the Phantoms.

1. Has anybody a comparable setup and has no issue with SPARK and TIDAL?
2. Has anybody the same issue?
3. If someone has encountered the same issue, was it be able to fix, somehow and if yes how?

Thank you already for your advice. I would love to get my SPARK app in operation with full TIDAL integration. Thanks and have a nice CORONA weekend  Smile

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