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DOS2 question - volume, source selection
My biggest issue with my 2x Phantom Gold + Dialog setup (other than optical dropouts, and the fact that the system seems to need rebooting every couple of days) is that an early firmware update removed the ability to leave one audio source selected at a particular volume, and just have it stay that way forever, even when the source is silent.  Auto-switch works, most of the time, but the source comes up at a default volume of 35, rather than the last volume you had selected, requiring you to go back to Spark and adjust the volume every time you start playing after > some number of minutes of silence.

Does DOS2 bring back the ability to "set it and forget it"?  I don't want to upgrade just to try it out & get stuck at 2.0.  (Or worse - have to deal with Devialet's frustrating customer service.)  I also don't want to have to constantly interact with my speakers.  They should just sit there and reproduce their input at the same volume continuously, day in and day out.
As for my experience, under DOS2 once you turn them off (by pressing for more than 2 secs the rear button)l as they are waked up again, they start at 35 volume as a default.

I personally do not see this as a real problem.
Just a couple of times I have experienced the volume to start at around 80. Never happened again and I did realize it before I started playing a song.
Thanks for the reply. It sounds like you're talking about turning them on/off. I'm actually asking about leaving them *on* at all times, with the same source selected, and controlling the audio at the *source* (in my case, a computer) by pausing/unpausing the audio that's being sent via optical to the Phantoms. I probably should have been more specific about my setup before.

The point is to leave the Phantoms on at all times, never touch them, and never use the devialet app after initial setup - with all control, volume, pause, etc. happening at the audio source itself.
I know no way to change it. Even when I simply switch from one source to another, listening to one LP just after one CD for example, the sound level gets back to 35 automatically. Using the remote device it's not really a problem to simply adjust.
Devices :
2 Gold Phantoms (previously 2 Silver) + Dialog - Denon DCD-SD/300 -
Project Essential II Digital equipped with Ortofon 2M Blue,
Accessories :
Tree, Cocoon, Remote

Lyon - France

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