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Descriptive excesses
(03-Mar-2015, 18:44)IanG-UK Wrote: Much as I think Devialet have been talking quite a bit of rubbish with respect to their Phantom advertising, it's been topped (in my opinion) by parts of the review of the £60k D1/C1/A1 system from CH Precision, designed and built by ex-Goldmund folk.

Just take a look at the last four paragraphs in the review in February's edition of "Plus", which include these words:

"It's impressive by not being impressive"
"It's one of those systems that defies description"

but ... he cannot resist ...

"there's something of the writ large presentation about the overall sound"
"if there's a house style it's one of dry precision and infinite dynamic range"
"taking musical examples is invalid here; everything is a musical example"


Well I haven't been reading these kind of magazines for a long time as I almost stopped after buying my first Devialet stuff. I looks like the reviewers wordings become more and more amusing when they compete with previous reviews in explaining that 'this' gear is the latest 'sh*t' as it seems they have run out of superlatives. 

Well spotted of you/Mike
Ex D400 Now Aavik U-300/Feickert Woodpecker2-Kuzma 4P-Kondo silver-Benz LPS-Teddy Pardo PSU/Naim Unitiserve-Teddy Pardo PSU/SF Guarneri Homage/Whole system decoupled by Ansuz DTC/Cables from Ansuz, DYI and other commercial/Dedicated mains and spur-Lampizator SILK

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