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Devialet 250 and 1000 out of stock
Is this the end ?
or a new start for a new model?
More likely supply problems, with all the issues Coronavirus is causing around the world.  It only takes one single component to be in short supply, and production will need to stop.

Plus, as we know, these things are built in France.  Manufacturing was shut down in France in March and reopened with many restrictions in May I believe.  Depending on how these restrictions impact a particular plant, production could be seriously curtailed.

Of course we do not know any of the details, but if you take all this together, a few supply issues would seem highly likely and quite understandable at the moment.

Rumors of the Pro line being discontinued and a new model emerging are a lot more fun though ....   Angel
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Agreed, I would not read too much in this.

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This is the end.

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