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Devialet 440 Pro DAC
(31-Jan-2024, 06:13)jackyan Wrote: Compared to the built-in DAC and external DAC input of Devialet 440 Pro, the external input sound is much better than the built-in DAC. It seems that Devialet's built-in DAC level should be average. Currently, my solution is LUMIN X1--- Devialet 440 Pro RCA LINE, perfect

I don’t buy that statement, because of its simplification.

 Just a waste of money for me to buy external gears thinking that this spending would be justified.
Its very important to deliver clean mains to the unit
My house is powered by a 7.5kW inverter run from solar panels and large lithium-ion batteries

(the main reason for this is regular and continuing blackouts due to insufficient national electricity generation, since 2014)

The improvement from using utility supplied electricity. which comes together with noise, voltage and frequency fluctuations, to rock-steady 230VAC at 50Hz, is immediately noticeable
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(03-Apr-2024, 14:35)markush Wrote: also using AQ power cords which had another great effect.

I used to use AQ power cords as well and the result was satisfactory. Noting that Devialet is a very transparent and neutral amp with a slight warmish tone already, I used a pair of Gotham 87215 with a pair of Rhodium plugs, the result is astonishing! it brings out the most detailed treble with a high end sounding tone, the best I have ever heard from the Devialet. Of course, YMMV, but it is worth trying considering how cheap the Gotham is, the only investment is the Rhodium plugs, Furutech ones are quite expensive, but one can also sell them easily on second hand markets.

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