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Devialet Customer Service is the WORST
The dial on my remote for my expert 200 doesn't's not the batteries, or the buttons...turning the dial just doesn't do anything. The unit still has almost 2 years left on its 5 year warranty

I called Devialet about three weeks ago and the woman said she'd send a label to return the remote - clearly not exactly the most customer focused organization. A customer focused organization would send a new remote right away and have me send my old one back.

...a week later, nothing. A second call prompted "a we never received your first call."

The third call resulted in 30 minutes of frustration where again a shipping label would have to be sent out. Shipping label link received and the information is for sending the entire expert back - clearly incorrect.

The fourth call another exercise in frustration where they literally have no interest in my opinion of the brand. Oh and the customer service representative hung up on me. 

They have taken no responsibility for the failing of their process. Their call center is in Madagascar and I don't believe these people have been trained to effectively handle issues other than taking orders.

This should be a simple transaction

All I want is to be able to use my system. This has taken too much of my time to rectify something that should be very easy to handle effectively and in a manner that focuses on their consumer
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I suggest that when this happens you should make a note of the name of the woman then you can say who you talked to. Where did you buy it as the first port of call should be your dealer. I have had to have a remote replaced and it was very easy.
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you are absolutely correct - it should be very easy.

it shouldn't take more than 1 phone call or email but it has.
D200, Sonus Faber Olympica I, Linn LP12
I had a remote issue about year ago and had it exchanged with out any problems. I also had it unpair from the unit once and was able to repair it to the unit by sitting it on top of the unit and rebooting the 220.
(20-Dec-2018, 22:34)msl Wrote: you are absolutely correct - it should be very easy.

it shouldn't take more than 1 phone call or email but it has.

Agreed. The service is lousy. To save yourself time and hassle, have you tried cleaning the contacts that operate the volume control? Yes, I know it’s under warranty, but it might be easier than trying to send it back for service/replacement. And the fix might even work!
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I've had issues getting a sub out on my 140 working. I've had multiple calls and emails. They respond eventually but it's gaps of a week or more (in the latest case over 2 weeks).

This is not to say they haven't responded I have received updated configs to my account that "should work" but don't.

It's rather frustrating. I'm wondering if the recent political turmoil hasn't had an impact also.
Why not just go back to the dealer?

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