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Devialet D400s/800s driving Magico Q5s
Hi Guys

Well I'm changing speakers (yet again) and considering a pair of used Magico Q5s. I know they are notoriously difficult speakers to drive to their full potential. Has anyone heard Devialet 400s driving these titans? Any experience with the d800s or the Original d'Atelier on the Q5s would also prove helpful.


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Hey, no experience of q5's, but I've just taken delivery of a pair of ex demo s5 my 1's. Very pleased with the sound - incredible detail, great soundstage and real bass that can reproduce the low b on a bass guitar beautifully.

I have been surprise by how much harder my 800's are working compared with driving my previous ml summits. The speakers are under absolute control even at high volumes, but the amps have to be running at a much higher output for the same perceived volume and they are much hotter to the touch.

I've no experience of 400's but I suspect, if the q5's are anything like the s5's then more watts may be needed - I've got my OdA's arriving in the next couple of weeks..

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Q5 are much more difficult to drive than the S5, Q5 is a great speaker with the correct amp, don't know if the Devialet is one of them. Best to try first
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