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Devialet Dialog poor quality finish

Do someone have poor quality finish dialog ? 
Mine have relief in the center and i thinking to give it back to the shop and take the next one maybe second one don't be such bad quality.
Or maybe all devialets dialogs have some poor quality finish.
I sending the photo of mine dialog

Best Regards

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I believe that's a common problem. The fit isn't always perfect.
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(23-Nov-2018, 15:06)ragwo Wrote: I believe that's a common problem. The fit isn't always perfect.

So what do you think i should go to change this to the other one or i should stay with this and don't worry about this ?

Best Regards

If i have Dialog in the other Room and 2x Phantoms in stereo mode the stere somtimes cut the sound, when dialog is close to Phatoms is ok, is this also common ? The dialog should be not far away from Stereo Phantoms ?
I can confirm the quality is not as one would expect for its price.
However, yours is comparably worse than others. I think it would be best to get a replacement in this case.
Mine also looks kinda like that after almost two years of usage.
I believe it's heat expansion due to poor thermal management inside the dialogue. If you touch it you should feel it being very warm almost hot to touch.
Most probably, considering how hot it runs =/
I've been in the shop and they give chance to switch to another Dialog but 3 others Dialog looks exactly the same as mine Big Grin So in my opinion they just done it like this, not "perfect"
I don't recall it looking like that when I got it however, I wasn't really paying much attention to it ^^ Also, I guess when you switch it, you might get a "refurbished" one that they have checked and deemed as "in working order".
I got a replacement dialog for other issues and asked about that particular "feature" and apparently it's designed to look like that according to the support person I asked.

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