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Devialet Sam Day 6th July

Industry disclosure: UK distributor for Shunyata Research

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Already got my Shahinians booked in, taken me 2 years to catch up with a SAM lab. Really looking forward to it.

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Nice of Devialet to confirm the Expert range hasn't been forgotten at all.
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I thought it might be worth mentioning that this is not just a SAM Lab event.  According to the Oxford Audio email; "Audition the full range of Devialet Expert Pro amplifiers plus Phantom Gold, Silver and White wireless speakers and have your questions answered by the Devialet team".

So it looks like there will be some other 'stuff' there too.  It will be interesting to see what OAC use as the digital 'front end' on any demo systems they might have.  Aurender, I am guessing, but maybe the dCS Network Bridge might be lurking there too? I have no idea.  I may visit for an couple of hours if they plan to run anything interesting.

As for "have your questions answered by the Devialet team", I am not sure if those present would have proper permission to answer to all the questions I could think of!! Angel But that's just how it is with Devialet, might be very interesting nevertheless.
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Somewhat more regrettable is the fact that this was originally advertised by OAC as a Devialet day represented by Mathieu Pernot who has fronted these annual events for, I guess, six years or more. Only later did it become a Devialet SAM engineer day - whether that has anything to do with the promise at last year's event that the new board would be ready by the end of Q2 2017 is speculation on my part - as is speculation as to what the board will do despite the promise, a few months ago, of regular updates on the dedicated Devialet webpage.
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Good afternoon gents,

Ian, you're correct, it was initially advertised as a Devialet event with Mathieu/Sam Lab. We found out a few weeks ago that MP couldnt make it unfortunately so it has become just a SAM lab day. We are trying to pin down a day in Q3 for a Devialet event with Mathieu that will coincide with the launch of the OS board. He's very keen to make it 7 years on the trot, he's quite a fan of English beer.

Apologies that we havent been as vocal as usual on here recently, unfortunately factors way beyond our control have left Jon and I stretched a bit thin and I've not had much time to even read the forum recently. Still, better to be busy than quiet!

Thanks to everyone for their patience and there is a Matthieu Pernod hosted day in the pipeline.

It doesn't rain, but it pours!

Attempted break in last night just to rub salt in the wound!

Ouch, at least the word attempted suggests they didn't take anything. I hope the damage wasn't too bad.

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(30-Jun-2017, 11:27)oxfordaudio Wrote: It doesn't rain, but it pours!

Attempted break in last night just to rub salt in the wound!


Sorry to hear that Alasdair - I hope nothing too serious, and it's easily sorted out.
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