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Devialet iPad App Not Steaming
I am not able to streaming Spotify on my iPad pro with Devialet app but I am able to do it on my Mac Air using Devialet Air. Is the streaming supported on iPad?

I have a Devialet 200.

Worked: On my Mac Air I installed Devialet Air and I was able to control my Devialet 200 from my Mac Air once the WiFI is the same network for both Devialet 200 and my Mac Air. And I was able to listen to music from YouTube or Spotify steaming.

Not Working: Been attempting to do the same as above with my iPad Pro I downloaded Devialet from App Store and had the iPad linked to the same network as Devialet 200. This happened:
a) I was able to listen to “My Music” from the Devialet app on my iPad Pro and control the volume.
b) but I was not able to get the sound to Devialet 200 when using YouTube or Spotify streaming no matter what source (Ethernet/WIFI) to select from the Devialet app.
c) P.S. I was able to use the Devialet app as a remote when I use Devialet Air from the Mac Air to control the Devialet 200.

Did I miss any steps or this is simply not supported on iPad?


Using iOS devices for Spotify, TIDAL and so on with expert 200 you need AppleAirPlay , like Airport Express for it or Upgrade to expert pro

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